What are the best steps to take to find quality care for my aging family member?

  • Make a list of senior communities in your area that are an easy drive from you. Keep in mind that you may have to drive there in bad weather at times.
  • Visit the state health or state assisted living website to see if any of the communities on your list have deficiencies according to state inspectors. Detailed descriptions of any such deficiencies are found on annual surveys taken by the state.
  • Schedule a tour of communities on your list and take with you the following document: 10 Questions for Senior Communities.
  • Ensure that a given community not only meets your expectations, but all those of your aging family member. Pay attention to such things as staff friendliness and attentiveness, the quality of the food, the smell of the facility for signs of deficient hygiene and upkeep, and the ease with which residents can get from place to place within the building.
  • After you have selected a community, fill out the application provided to you.
  • Once you have secured all the information and completed forms you need from the pharmacy, physician and other family members, you are ready to move your family member into the community. To be fully prepared for that day, see our list of admission requirements.

What are the benefits of a continuum care community?

A community that provides a continuum of care (often referred to as an “age in place” community) saves your family member from going through the stress of changing rooms or locations due to their health situation. The age in place benefit is also more cost effective.

Does Windy Hill Village encourage independence?

Yes! This is what makes Windy Hill Village so successful. We always encourage our residents to do as much as they can for themselves, while remaining nearby to assist them as needed. Our staff is also constantly learning new ways to relate to our residents through continued education in resident care and communication courses.

What is Assisted Living and is it provided by Windy Hill Village?

Assisted Living is a form of care for those who require assistance in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), and is an option offered to residents of Windy Hill Village. This care could be as simple as assistance with dressing or as complex as total care designed to meet every need of a resident. There is nothing that our professional staff cannot handle, except administering feeding tubes.

What is Memory Care and is this also offered at Windy Hill Village?

Memory Care is an industry term that relates to the care provided for a resident who is experiencing mental decline, such as memory loss. Our staff is certified each year by the Alzheimer’s Association to provide cutting edge care for those in the beginning stages of memory loss or dementia. We do all that we can to protect the independence of these residents while helping them to be successful and happy as they go through their day.