Adult Day Care

If you need dependable compassionate care for an aging family member, we can help.  Our medically licensed nurses and specially trained staff provide Adult Day Care of the highest quality.  We offer top of the line activities that are not only good for those with declining mental status, but also for those recovering from orthopedic surgery. Imagine a place where your Mom or Dad can spend the day with people they likely know and receive exercise for their mind and body—along with exceptional medical care. Combine this with our state recognized, deficiency free care, and you can have peace of mind while taking a few hours for yourself. Moreover, we make sure that our program fits comfortably into your schedule.

Respite Care 

We understand you are doing your best to provide care for your aging family member, but what happens when you need to take a vacation or an extended break?  One option is to use our home as a place for your loved one to get resort-style attention and service while you’re way. We cater to their every need, whether it’s dietary, medical or social. Our staff will go the extra mile to ensure they are taken care of in a relaxing, compassionate environment.

Medical Administration  

Due to the outstanding quality of our infusion certified nursing staff, we are able to provide complex medical administration.  So if your family member requires a treatment that you are not comfortable providing yourself, we can take care of it. Our up to date rooms have plenty of space for you to stay with them. And our excellent relationships with area pharmacies ensures your loved ones get the care they need while in transition to home.

Palliative Care

We also can provide care and attention for family members who are in the last moments of their lives. At Windy Hill Village, we are honored to help you in any manner we can during this difficult period. We understand how important it is to find a peaceful environment where the staff is respectful, thoughtful and sensitive to your needs. Whatever you require, from complex medication administration to 24 hour care, we will be there for your loved one and your entire family.

Dementia and Memory Care  

Our staff is constantly learning and applying new activities and care for those with Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Dementia, Wandering, and many other types of dementia and memory disorder. We work closely with the Alzheimer’s Association to ensure we are providing the best possible medical care, activities and interaction, as well as to offer seminars educating the public on different types and stages of dementia.

Assisted Living

Windy Hill Village is a state certified, deficiency free assisted living facility.  We are an “age in place” home that provides food, medical attention, transportation, and activities to help your loved one maintain as much of their dignity, respect and independence as possible. We are also a hands on facility, meaning we will help feed our residents and assist with their daily activities, therapy, and exercise. Our staff knows each resident by name and not a day goes by without them getting a smile, a hug and encouraging words.  We do everything we can to help your loved one look good on the outside and feel better on the inside.